Friday, February 28, 2014

10, Really?!

Eleanor and I can't believe that our eldest son Miles just turned 10 years old. Wow! As a former colleague of mine says about child rearing, "The days are long, but the years are short," so true! So, in conjunction with his 10th birthday, we asked Miles where he would like to go to dinner. Initially, he said, "New York Diner," a favorite neighborhood place that the children love for its milkshakes and burgers. Diners and milkshakes just seem to go together.

The neighborhood New York Diner
Then, he reconsidered and said, "Let's go to the Korean BBQ place. I like that place (Miles had recently gone to the Korean BBQ restaurant with a friend and his friend's family and he loved it!)." I thought this choice of restaurant was cool for a couple of reasons:

One: It was something different.

Two: It wasn't a restaurant chain.

We went to the Korean BBQ restaurant, entered, and it was spacious and immaculately clean.
We sat down, I looked at Miles and said, "Ok son, you've been here before, y'know what you like, you take charge and order, ok?" Miles looked at me, replied, "Ok," and began ordering. The waitress arrived shortly thereafter and he said to her, "We'll start with drinks, 4 fresh squeezed lemonades and 4 waters, please." When the waitress returned with our drinks, Miles was ready to over food. He said, "We would like chicken dumplings, one spicy chicken plate, one grilled pork plate, one short rib plate, and a salad. The plates of prepared meats came out, the waitress brought the coals for the in table grill, then she turned on the fan above the grill, "Miles looked at Eleanor and I asked, "Can I grill the meats? We said, "Sure." I looked at El and said, "Our boy is growing up, he's grillin." Miles grilled for awhile, then Eleanor took over because we didn't want to end up at the restaurant all night. The food was great! Even Miles' younger brother, Evan who is a picky eater exclaimed, "This is great!

After dinner, Miles ordered cinnamon tea for the table. The owner of the restaurant brought Miles a cake since it was his birthday and gave then gave the boys unlimited ice cream. It was a nice way to conclude a fun and delicious dinner. And, a reminder that my boy is becoming a young man.

Miles and Evan after their Korean BBQ meal. As one can see, Evan got dressed up for the occasion. 


Auntie Shell said...

Awww! Happy Birthday, Miles! The big 10... I can't believe it!

Turnell said...

Happy birthday Miles. Justin just turned 10 today. They grow up fast.

Nadia, Art & the boys said...

Sweet! Happy birthday Miles... Growing up to me a fine gentleman!