Friday, June 04, 2010

Diaper Smuggling

“I’ll be taking these Huggies….”
–Nicholas Cage’s character H.I. Mc Dunnough in the 1987 movie Raising Arizona

I’m in Dubai for a counseling workshop. Quick trip, carry-on luggage, not many clothes type of trip. I’m in my hotel room for barely 11 hours type of trip. Prior to departing for Dubai, Eleanor asked, “Before you leave Dubai, see if you can pick up some diapers? The brand we like are sold out in all of Muscat and Evan is almost out of diapers."

The workshop concluded and I had about three hours before I needed to depart for the airport. My friend and fellow counselor Marie Assir also in Dubai for the workshop said that she would accompany me on my diaper securing mission. The doorman at the hotel suggested that we go to an older mall that had a huge Carrefour (The equivalent to a Super Target in the North America) which should carry the diapers that Evan needed.

The Carrefour was enormous, it made sense because the mall was enormous! Even by Dubai standards this was a big mall. Marie, who works in Lebanon (Beirut) said that the mall and the store was the biggest she had ever seen. We walked the aisles and I saw a sign for diapers. I walked the aisle and I saw the brand that Evan uses, nice. I phoned Eleanor and asked her how many packages she thought I should purchase? Eleanor told me to use my judgment, what a scary response! She did advise, “Try and buy enough to last until the summer (It was mid-February at this point). Fortunately, Evan is potty trained and he only needs diapers when he sleeps. So, I proceeded to take diapers, package by package off the shelf until I had all the packages of Huggies Goodnites diapers in my shopping cart. Feeling satisfied with my mission accomplished, diapers procured, Marie looked at me and asked, “Ryan, where you going to put all those diapers? You didn’t check a bag, did you?” I thought to myself, “True!” After this astute observation on Marie’s part it was off to the luggage section of Carrefour to purchase a duffle bag. Not part of the plan and this irked me. At home, we have suitcase after suitcase and many duffel bags and here I am having to purchase another one. Marie assisted me in my now quest for a duffle bag that would accommodate a four month supply of diapers. I found and liked the bag that stood out the most. This bright orange bag that would definitely stand out in a baggage carousel and it had wheels. I then proceeded to stuff the innards of the bag with diapers to see if all the packages would fit. While doing this I looked at Marie and commented, “I’m diaper smuggling” and at this we both laughed. Next to us was a 40ish Asian gentleman who left shortly after I made my diaper smuggling comment. After he left, Marie shared with me that the gentleman had a look of disbelief and horror on his face when I made my comment. Maybe the gentleman thought we were really smuggling diapers? Marie then said, “This would make a great blogpost if I wrote a blog.” I replied, “I do have a blog.” Marie smiled and replied, “I want my full name mentioned in the blog.” I remarked, “Marie, I will honor your request.”

So, I had a bright orange somewhat hideous looking new duffle bag stuffed with a four month supply of diapers. I was convinced that I would be stopped by customs officials upon returning to Muscat because diapers are difficult to discern at times in checked luggage and I know this by experience because it has happened before.

Returned to Muscat, quick flight, no hassles with customs, and Evan has enough diapers to last him until the summer. Nice!

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Kittie Howard said...

I laughed! What a fun story. You should get one of those Chinese amah bags and fold it into your carry-on. It holds a ton of stuff. And good seeing you back on line. Hub and I envy your Muscat experiences. Kinda boring in Virginia. We're thinking about going out again.