Friday, January 18, 2013

The Kids, They Get It

The Kids!
I opened the front gate to my home and I saw two pairs of girls flip-flops by the front door. I thought to myself, "The boys have friends over." I entered the house, I put the groceries down on the table and I heard LMFAO's party anthem "Party Rockers" thumpin' from the tv upstairs. I went halfway up the stairs and I saw Miles, Evan, and their friends Areege and Areeba all dancing and playing the Nintendo Wii game Just Dance 3. On my way back down the stairs, the doorbell rang, I went to the gate, opened it up and it was one of the girls from across the street, Jahira and she asked, "Is Miles home? I said, "Yes," I pointed upstairs and she quickly ascended the stairs to join the dance party. I closed the gate, I barely made it back to the front door and the doorbell rang again and I started laughing. I opened the gate and it was Jahira's little sister Reem and their cousin Laith. All I did was point upstairs and Reem and Laith quickly scampered up the steps following Jahira's footsteps and the music. I finally made it upstairs and the kids were having a full out dance party and a good time! I looked at the kids, there were 7 of them, ranging in age from 6-14, three different nationalities (Omani, Indian, and American) and four different languages represented, but on this evening English and having fun appeared to be the lingua franca.

I went into my bedroom right next to the makeshift dance floor and Eleanor was reading. I asked her, "Have you seen the scene outside the bedroom door?" We opened the door and there were 7 kids, their bodies illuminated by the glow of the tv and they were are all dancing. Eleanor and I looked at one another and we smiled and laughed. Miles caught a glimpse of us and he smiled as well. I then began thinking to myself, "We have neighborhood kids from different backgrounds who are not hesitant to just ring the doorbell and come over and play. I was digging the multiculturalism that was taking place in our home. And then Eleanor pointed out, "We are not even of the host culture, but guests in this country and we have local neighborhood kids who want to come over to our house and play." I was thinking, "That is very cool!" And then I also thought, "The kids, they get it!"

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Hmmm...lots of ladies coming to see the boys?