Friday, April 30, 2010

Burgers @ 5 A.M.

I’m in Washington Dulles International Airport, Terminal B, I have an early morning 6:20 flight, and I’m hungry. Fortunately, I have found a place that serves great fruit smoothies (real fruit, no sugar or syrup, nice) and I also order a plain toasted croissant. So, I’m eating my food and the pangs of hunger are dissipating when I look up and see Five Guys. If you are not familiar with Five Guys Burgers it is a popular Burger Joint in the D.C. Area. I don’t eat hamburgers that often, but I always look forward to devouring a Five Guys burger and fries, when I get the urge to consume red meat. Five Guys burgers are the kind of burgers one would make at a BBQ. It is annually voted one of the best burger joints in the D.C. area.

As I mentioned previously, I’m eating my food and I notice a manager/owner opening up Five Guys. Before I know it, the restaurant is open, lights on, ready for business, and in no time it is hoppin’! Actually, there are quite a few restaurants open at this early hour with a couple serving breakfast food, but the majority of the passengers here at Terminal B are either in line at Five Guys waiting to be served or are already dining at Five Guys. Who knew so many people eat burgers and fries for breakfast? I can’t imagine all these patrons being hungover and needing the grease in their systems to feel balanced again, but who knows? I have heard of cold pizza, chocolate cake, cookies for breakfast and I have consumed these foods for breakfast, but burgers and fries? I have always found it interesting to see what people eat for breakfast, if they eat breakfast at all. What do you eat?


Kittie Howard said...

Maybe they're eating a burger because they're going overseas and won't have a Five Guys for awhile. Or maybe the computer has erased the line between night and day. We live in the D.C. area. My hub loves FG's, once in awhile. I personally can't handle the grease and don't see what the fuss is all about.

Wunmi said...

Burgers and Fries in the Morning? Unheard of if just waking but not unheard of if out socializing late into the night/early morning. I just had Five Guys a week ago, I love it! Honestly if I was at the airport and saw a Five Guys opening that early knowing that I might not see it for a while, depending on how long I was traveling, I too would be gobbling Five Guys at 5am :)