Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25 x Bigger Cupcakes

My children and I were watching Nickelodeon (a children’s tv network) when a commercial came on that disturbed me. It was an ad for a device that assists people in baking 25 x bigger cupcakes. I was alarmed at this ad for a few reasons:

1. That it was being aired on a children’s network. I know marketing/targeting children is quite shrewd and once kids are hooked on something then a company as a potential customer for life. Also, what child does not like cupcakes? I’m sure as soon as the commercial concluded, children nationwide were imploring/annoying/asking their parents for this product.

2. The other reason this product angered me is because it is looking to contribute to the fattening of children in the U.S. Anytime I’m back in the U.S. I am alarmed by the portion sizes, consumption, and the sheer size of many of my fellow Americans. In this regard, the U.S. is truly the land of plenty! And, the fact that this cupcake product is advertised on a network devoted to child programming angered me all the more. Believe me, I know how easy it is to gain weight and how difficult it is to lose it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I grew up a “husky” child and buying clothes off the rack up until I became an adult was rarely an option for me. I am and have always been a finicky eater; but as a child, when I found foods that I enjoyed, I savored them and over-indulged. And, one can believe that I over-indulged on eating cupcakes!

Fortunately, once I got to college instead of gaining the “Freshman 15” I lost 30 pounds and have been losing weight ever since. I’m now down to what I weighed when I entered high school, but is has been through a lot of hard work and diligently watching what I eat. And honestly, I’m still not satisfied with my weight. I would like to lose a little bit more. So, when I see a product like 25% Bigger Cupcakes and the potential it has to contributing to obesity in children it reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite tv characters regarding a “Slippery shit slope!” And this is the slope that I think children will be on with their weight if their parents indulge them by purchasing this product.

After watching this commercial later that same evening when I was putting my 5 yr. old son to bed, he asked me, “Daddy, what does 25 x Bigger Cupcakes mean? 12 hours later and he still remembered the commercial. Parents be vigilant and “Just say no” to 25 x Bigger Cupcakes!

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